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Recent News
Benefits of Green Almonds
Unlike regular almonds, green almonds are available for a short 8-week period that begins in the later part of April and lasts till the mid of June. This is probably why they are regarded as rare delicacies. Green almonds are a lot more common in the Middle East and Mediterranean region. They are used as a cooking ingredient, (for pastries). There are several health benefits that are associated with green almonds, some of the most common ones being: Reducing cholesterol ranges Improving skin tone Easing bowel movements, because of their laxative properties Weight loss Minimizing risks of diseases such as cancer Increasing energy Enhancing function of the immune system Green almonds can be eaten as they are or after being shelled. Can Almonds Cause allergies? In case you are suffering from any allergies, intolerance or chronic gastrointestinal problems, there are several food items that you may need to avoid. In such instances, eating almonds could cause you to experience symptoms like pain, cramps, heartburn as well as hiccups However, in case the consumption of almonds leads to stomach pain, or any other form of discomfort, stop eating these nuts, at least until you speak with your doctor.
Paracetamol linked to heart attack risk: Fears over high doses taken for a long time
Daily paracetamol could raise the risk of heart attacks, stroke and early death, a major study warns today. It found that patients prescribed high doses of the painkiller for long periods were up to 63 per cent more likely to die unexpectedly. The risk of having a heart attack or stroke was up to 68 per cent higher and there was an almost 50 per cent greater chance of having a stomach ulcer or bleed. Paracetamol is considered by doctors to be safer than aspirin, which can cause stomach bleeds, and ibuprofen, which has been linked to heart attacks and strokes. But British researchers who looked at studies involving 666,000 patients say the risks may have been underestimated and are calling for a major review to be conducted into the drug's safety. They think paracetamol may be causing illness by preventing the action of an enzyme in the body called COX-2. Scientists from the Leeds Institute of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Medicine looked at eight studies that contained information on patients taking paracetamol daily for up to 14 years, for conditions such as arthritis and severe back pain. They also covered patients who took the medicine less often or hardly at all. Philip Conaghan, who led the research, pointed out that for most patients the risks were very small and those given paracetamol over a long period would have illnesses likely to kill them early. For this reason it was difficult to be sure the drugs were causing problems.
Sunday April 26, 2015
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